• Haitian Punch Cocktail

    Haitian Punch Cocktail

    This  Haitian Punch Cocktail is a simple five-ingredient Tiki cocktail that is fantastic. It is well balanced with the right amount of depth to its flavours, making this a great sipper. Check it out and let me know what you…

  • Bourbon Bee Cocktail

    Bourbon Bee Cocktail

    The Bourbon Bee Cocktail is an excellent variation of a Bourbon Sour. It’s brought together with the Aperol and pineapple juice and tied neatly with the Honey and bitters. Try it out, and let us know what you think. Ingredients…

  • Isle & Anchor Cocktail

    Isle & Anchor Cocktail

    The Isle & Anchor Cocktail can be found in the Town and Country Magazine. It is a variation of a simple sour with a float of bitters on top. This gives you light notes of apricot, lemon, and cinnamon with…

  • The Witch Doctor Cocktail

    The Witch Doctor Cocktail

    The Witch Doctor Cocktail was created by Patrick Smith created in 2018. This cocktail is heavy on the Angostura Bitters, but it balances out with the honey syrup and lemon juice. The Tequila and Mezcal give it a little punch…

  • Scorpion Reef Cocktail

    Scorpion Reef Cocktail

    Marshall Davis created the Scorpion Reef Cocktail at the Gallo Pelón Mezcaleria in Raleigh, North Carolina. The inspiration for this cocktail came to him while he worked on a smoked pineapple flan he made for the dessert menu. It has…

  • Naked Ape Cocktail

    Naked Ape Cocktail

    The Naked Ape Cocktail is a Tiki drink created by Martin Cate, the co-author of the Smugglers Cove Cocktail book. The highlights of banana and lemon lift both the rums together while giving you a lightly sweet cinnamon taste. Try…

  • Cocktails

    Zapatero Cocktail

    The Zapatero Cocktail is a split base cocktail that Jeremy Lake created. It combines Mezcal and Bourbon to give you a spicy, smoky taste. Ingredients Get new content delivered directly to your inbox. Bar Tools More Tequila & Mezcal Cocktail…

  • Social Season Cocktail

    Social Season Cocktail

    The Social Season cocktail. This gin cocktail could almost be the cousin of a Singapore Sling. It has sweet Pineapple, Passion fruit, and bitter Aperol notes held together to buy the Yellow Chartreuse and the Lime Juice. Its a sweet…

  • Flor De Jerez Cocktail

    Flor De Jerez Cocktail

    The Flor de Jerez Cocktail, aka the Sherry Flower, was created in 2009 by Joaquín Simó while at Death & Co. The Flor de Jerez has apricot, and nutty Sherry notes tied together by lemon and bitters. It is a…

  • Maple Rum Old Fashioned Cocktail

    Bourbon Old Fashioned Cocktail

    Now Old Fashions have been around for a long. They fit the template first laid out as a cocktail in 1806, combining spirits, sugar water and bitters. This one is a Bourbon Old Fashioned Cocktail. This Bourbon Old Fashioned Cocktail…