• Jamaican X Cocktail

    Jamaican X Cocktail

    The Jamaican X Cocktail Recipe is an easy six-ingredient tropical cocktail with no rum. It is, in fact, a layered tequila cocktail. Try it out, and let us know what you think. Ingredients Get new content delivered directly to your…

  • Long Island Sunrise Cocktail

    Long Island Sunrise Cocktail

    The Long Island Sunrise Cocktail is a Long Island Iced Tea variation and brings you the beauty and flavour of a tropical cocktail with the punch of its namesake. The pineapple and orange juice blend well with the grenadine, and…

  • Gin Sunrise Cocktail

    Gin Sunrise Cocktail

    The Gin Sunrise Cocktail is a variation of the original Tequila Sunrise created by Bobby Lozhoff. Bobby made this for Mick Jagger just before the Rolling Stones went on tour in 1972, after which Keith Richards claimed that specific tour…

  • Sex on the Brain Cocktail

    Sex On The Brain Cocktail

    The Sex On The Brain Cocktail is a riff-based on the original Sex On The Beach. It is incredibly similar except for Melon Liqueur and the absence of Cranberry Juice. It is sweet but delicious, and all of the flavours…

  • Cocktails

    Clarified Rum Punch Cocktail

    A Clarified Rum Punch cocktail. This milk-washed cocktail is easy to make and can e batched in large quantities. It tastes of slightly sweet rum with faint citrus notes and is very easy to dink. Ingredients Get new content delivered…

  • Bomb Pop Cocktail

    Bomb Pop Cocktail

    The Bomb Pop Cocktail. This Bomb Pop cocktail is a variation of the shooter that is in itself based on the tri-coloured Popsicle. This red, white, and blue cocktail is perfect for celebrating independence day, the 4th of July. It…

  • Mexican Sunset Cocktail

    Mexican Sunset Cocktail

    This Mexican Sunset Cocktail looks like it’s out of the ’80s. It’s yellow, has a fair amount of alcohol, and you know what, it’s perfect for after work on the back deck or at the park while the kids are…

  • Rainbow Shots

    Rainbow Shots

    How to make Rainbow Shots and get them right every time. These can be tricky to get right. So I changed the ingredients and bumped the alcohol to gibe the perfect pour every time. Ingredients Get new content delivered directly…

  • Safari Juice Cocktail

    Safari Juice Cocktail

    The Safari Juice Cocktail is an easy-to-make cocktail potent in orange flavours with hints of melon and a hint of colour added with a dash of Grenadine. It is light and easy to drink, perfect for hot weather. Enjoy this…