Fall Cocktails

Fall cocktails usually include spices, apple cider, pumpkin, and maple. They're perfect for a cool autumn night. The Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Spiced Apple Cider Cocktail, and Pumpkin Spice Martini are fall favourites. To enhance the flavour and aroma of fall cocktails, garnishes like cinnamon sticks or apple slices are used.

  • Bourbon Apple Cider
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    Bourbon Apple Cider

    The Bourbon Apple Cider cocktail is a perfect drink for autumn or winter evenings. This cozy cocktail is made by combining bourbon, apple cider, and a few simple ingredients to create a warming, comforting drink with a hint of sweetness.…

  • Bourbon Cocktails,  Cocktails,  Fall Cocktails

    Tender Knob

    The Tender Knob was invented by H. Joseph Ehrmann, and it makes one think of autumn. Ehrmann is the proprietor of Elixir, which is recognised as one of San Francisco’s taverns with the longest history of continuous business. Cinnamon works…

  • Mountain Man
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    Mountain Man

    While Natasha David was working at Nitecap in New York, she came up with the recipe for the Mountain Man Cocktail. The lemon juice and the maple syrup work together to create a pleasing harmony with the bourbon, and the…