• Gin Gin Mule Cocktail

    Gin Gin Mule Cocktail

    Gin Gin Mule Cocktail is a variation of the original Moscow Mule, which contains vodka; however, in 2000, Audrey Saunders created the Gin Gin Mule by swapping out the vodka for gin. And she did this just as gin was…

  • Bramble Martini Cocktail

    Bramble Martini Cocktail

    Bramble Martini cocktail is a combination of the classic Martini and Dick Bradsell’s Bramble is tart with raspberry and lemon brought together by the gin botanicals. The Empress 1908 Gin lends a beautiful purple hue bound to please. Try it…

  • Cocktails

    True Colors Cocktail

    The True Colors Cocktail is a multiplayer cocktail that contains Empress 1908 Gin, Vodka, Blue Curacao, and Midori. It is easy to make and looks stunning. Try it out, and let us know what you think. Ingredients Get new content…

  • Cocktails

    Witches Brew Lemonade Cocktail

    Halloween is never complete until a proper—and spooky!—cocktail is prepared. Witches Brew Lemonade Cocktail is an easy Halloween cocktail that is perfect for a night of celebrating Halloween. Although the Witches Brew Lemonade Cocktail is a Halloween cocktail it is…

  • Pink Mist Cocktail

    Pink Mist Cocktail

    David Edwards created the Pink Mist Cocktail in 2022 for Booze On The Rocks in Barrie, Canada. It combines coconut and cranberry to give you a light and refreshing cocktail that is very easy to drink. Pink Mist Cocktail contains…