• Between the Sheets Cocktail

    Between The Sheets Cocktail

    The Between The Sheets Cocktail  is fantastic and boozy but does not taste boozy. It’s well balanced between the rum, Cognac and orange notes. For a high alcohol ABV cocktail, it is very surprising. Tell us what you think. Ingredients…

  • Polynesian Spell Cocktail

    Polynesian Spell Cocktail

    This Polynesian Spell Cocktail comes out of the Beach Bum Berry Remix cocktail guide by Jeff Berry. It contains some unusual ingredients for a Tiki drink: grape juice and peach Brandy. I substituted a peach liqueur for the brandy, which…

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    Mountain Dew Me Cocktail

    The Mountain Dew Me Cocktail is a sweet and tropical cocktail that contains both Mountain Dew soda and Melon Liqueur. Its easy drinking is perfect for the back deck and some hot weather. The pineapple and orange liqueur gives an…

  • Long Island Ice Tea Cocktail

    Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail

    The Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail originated in the 1920’s during prohibition and was called the Old Man Bishop, created by Charles “Old Man” Bishop in Long Island, Kingsport, Tennessee. His son refined it in the 1940s, making it closer…

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    Blue Diamond Cocktail

    The Blue Diamond Cocktail. This easy Tequila cocktail comes in the best colour, BLUE! Its combination of tequila and Blue Curacao give it a nice lightly sweet orange/tequila flavour with subtle hints of lime. It is perfect for a warm…

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    Kamikaze Cocktail

    Kamikaze is Japanese, and it means Divine Wind. The Kamikaze cocktail is thought to have been invented on an American naval base after World War II, and it became popular in the ’70s. According to historian David Wander, a cocktail…

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    Long Cosmo Cocktail

    The Long Cosmo Cocktail is a variation of the Cosmopolitan cocktail. The original was popularized in the 1998 HBO television show Sex In The City, which was based on the column written by Candice Bushnell. But what happens when you…