Brandy Cocktails

Brandy cocktails are mixed drinks made with brandy as the base spirit. They come in a variety of styles and flavors, ranging from classic drinks like the Sidecar and Brandy Alexander to modern creations such as the Vieux Carré and the French 75. Brandy cocktails can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or mixed with other ingredients such as juices, syrups, and liqueurs to create complex and delicious cocktails.

  • Fog Cutter
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    Fog Cutter

    The Fog Cutter, credited to Vic Bergeron and featured in “Trader Vic’s Bartender’s Guide (revised edition),” stands out among Tiki-Style concoctions due to its unique combination of gin, cognac, and rum as its base. This original creation from Trader Vic…

  • Sourise
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    David Wondrich came up with the idea for the Sourise cocktail in 2010, and he took the name of the drink from the French word for grin. This delicious beverage, which is of the sour style, strikes the ideal balance…

  • Maneater
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    The Maneater is a delicious drink prepared in the Tiki style that perfectly captures the spirit of a tropical paradise. This enticing beverage is a perfect combination of the tastes of rich apricot and brilliant orange, with the addition of…

  • Brandy Cocktails

    Brandy Cocktails

    Before bourbon and rye became American’s brown liquor go-to’s, brandy was the spirit of choice. The grape-based spirit is the backbone of the world’s most iconic cocktails, together with the Sidecar, Pisco Sour and Vieux Carré. Check out some of…

  • Polynesian Spell Cocktail
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    Polynesian Spell

    The Beach Bum Berry Remix cocktail guide, written by Jeff Berry, is where I found the recipe for this Polynesian Spell cocktail. Grape juice and peach brandy are both rather unusual additions to a Tiki drink, which is what this…

  • Angel's Share Cocktail
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    Angel’s Share

    Angel’s Share cocktail is a perfect blend of Licor 43, lime juice, Meukow Cognac, peach jam, and simple syrup. The cocktail is a sweet and sour combination that offers a perfect balance of flavors. Licor 43 is a sweet, vanilla-flavored…

  • Brazilian Sangria Cocktail
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    Brazilian Sangria

    Brazilian Sangria is a fruity cocktail that’s perfect for any occasion. Made with a unique blend of ingredients including Lucid Absinthe, Novo Fogo Silver Cachaça, Pierre Ferrand Dry Orange Curaçao, Pineapple Slices, Raspberries, Red Wine, and St Remy VSOP Brandy,…

  • Between the Sheets Cocktail
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    Between The Sheets

    The Between The Sheets cocktail is a classic drink that combines the rich flavors of Hennessy cognac, the brightness of lemon juice, the sweetness of simple syrup, the smoothness of Plantation light rum, and the complexity of triple sec. This…

  • Brazilian Raspberry
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    Brazilian Raspberry

    Brazilian Raspberry is a vibrant and refreshing cocktail that is perfect for a hot summer day. Made with a combination of Absolut Raspberri Vodka, Bols Apricot Brandy, lime, and simple syrup, this cocktail offers a delightful blend of sweet and…