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Gaspare Campari’s tavern in Milan, Italy, began serving the Americano…

Pisco Chilcano

The Pisco Chilcano, a traditional beverage from Peru, is typically…

Emerald Ice

The Emerald Ice cocktail is a straightforward drink with only…

Love & Murder

Nick Bennet, the bar director at Porchlight in New York…

Angel’s Share

The Angel’s Share Cocktail. Milo Rodriguez created this cocktail in…

Roman Holiday

Nandini Khaund created the Roman Holiday Cocktail, a beautiful Jungle…

Safari Juice

The Safari Juice Cocktail is an easy-to-make cocktail potent in…

Hypno Cruiser

The Hypno Cruiser Cocktail is an easy-to-make, layered cocktail made…

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