• Watermelon Mojito Cocktail
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    Watermelon Mojito

    This Watermelon Mojito Cocktail is a variation of the classic Mojito, and it is sweet, sour, and incredibly refreshing all at the same time. The watermelon and lime juice are brought into harmony with one another by the simple syrup,…

  • Sparkling Elderflower Cocktail

    Sparkling Elderflower

    The steps to making a Sparkling Elderflower Cocktail are outlined below. This simple mixed drink has a bouquet of flowery odours, and it tastes just as pleasant as it smells (which is to say, quite nice). The Elderflower Liqueur and…

  • Mojito
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    To ward off illness, a moonshine rum-type alcohol was mixed with mint, lime, and sugar cane syrup. When pirates invaded Cuba, the drink was introduced to Pirate Drake, who promptly used rum in place of the Cuban moonshine. The glass took…

  • Syrups

    Mint Syrup

    Mint syrup is a sweet liquid made by dissolving sugar in water and infusing it with fresh mint leaves. The mint leaves are usually crushed or muddled to release their essential oils, which give the syrup its distinctive minty flavor…

  • Gin Gin Mule
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    Gin Gin Mule

    The Gin Gin Mule is a refreshing twist on the classic Moscow Mule, made with Empress 1908 Gin, Ginger Beer, Lime Juice, Mint Leaves, and Simple Syrup. This delicious cocktail is perfect for any occasion, whether you’re enjoying a relaxing…