• Antidote Cocktail

    Antidote Cocktail

    Pat Ray created the Antidote Cocktail in 2016. Pat came up with this recipe while trying to develop a summer-style old-fashioned. Pat initially used Zucca Barbarbaro in his version of the cocktail. However, I used Cynar, which makes a slightly…

  • Mountain Man Cocktail

    Mountain Man Cocktail

    Natasha David created the Mountain Man Cocktail while she was at Nitecap in New York. The bourbon is nicely balanced by the lemon juice and the maple syrup, while the ginger syrup rounds everything out with a hint of spiciness.…

  • Oaxacan Sunrise Cocktail

    Oaxacan Sunrise Cocktail

    This Version of the Oaxacan Sunrise Cocktail does not have the typical orange juice and grenadine you would find in the original. Instead, we use ginger syrup and lime juice to build a cocktail with some smokey spices from the…