• Cherry Blossom Cocktail

    Cherry Blossom Cocktail

    You can find this Cherry Blossom Cocktail in the Minimalist Tiki Cocktail Book by Matt Pietrek and Carrie Smith. But the cocktail itself was created by Justin Wojslaw from the Diller Room. This tropical blue cocktail fits into the Tiki…

  • Isle & Anchor Cocktail

    Isle & Anchor Cocktail

    The Isle & Anchor Cocktail can be found in the Town and Country Magazine. It is a variation of a simple sour with a float of bitters on top. This gives you light notes of apricot, lemon, and cinnamon with…

  • Naked Ape Cocktail

    Naked Ape Cocktail

    The Naked Ape Cocktail is a Tiki drink created by Martin Cate, the co-author of the Smugglers Cove Cocktail book. The highlights of banana and lemon lift both the rums together while giving you a lightly sweet cinnamon taste. Try…