Cocktail Books

Cocktail books are literary works that provide recipes and instructions for creating a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, typically served at bars and restaurants. These books often include history, tips, and techniques for creating the perfect cocktail. They can be useful resources for bartenders, mixologists, and anyone interested in the art of cocktail making.

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    The Way of the Cocktail

    JAMES BEARD AWARD WINNER • A rich, transportive guide to the world of Japanese cocktails from acclaimed bartender Julia Momosé of Kumiko ONE OF THE TEN BEST COOKBOOKS OF THE YEAR: Boston Globe • ONE OF THE BEST COOKBOOKS OF THE YEAR: Vanity Fair,…

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    The Gentleman’s Companion

    Charles Baker embarked on a journey around the world in search of unusual eats and drinks, in addition to meeting fascinating people with whom he could share them. The Gentleman’s Companion is the culmination of Baker’s culinary and drinking adventures…

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    The Dead Rabbit Mixology & Mayhem

    The Story of John Morrissey and the World’s Best Cocktail Menu The Dead Rabbit, a world-famous bar in New York City, has created a groundbreaking cocktail book in a graphic novel style. Lower Manhattan’s Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog received…

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    The Dead Rabbit Drinks Manual

    In Lower Manhattan, Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog has become the undisputed leader in the bar industry. Winning award after award for being the world’s best bar, having the world’s best cocktail menu, having the world’s best drink selection, and…