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The Dead Rabbit Drinks Manual

In Lower Manhattan, Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog has become the undisputed leader in the bar industry. Winning award after award for being the world’s best bar, having the world’s best cocktail menu, having the world’s best drink selection, and being named the best American cocktail bar. Now, the critically acclaimed bar has its first cocktail book, which is titled The Dead Rabbit Drinks Manual. Along with its inventive recipes, the book also details the founder Sean Muldoon and bar manager Jack McGarry’s inspiring storey of going from rags to riches, which began in Ireland and has brought them to the top of the cocktail world. The “Gangs of New York” era is represented in both the décor and the beverages served at Dead Rabbit, which have both won awards. There are fizzes, cobblers, and toddies among them, and each one takes its cue from a different period in history. In addition, there are recipes for punches that can be shared with others, and an entire chapter is devoted to absinthe. In addition to the recipes and photos of the finished products, this slick and attractive book also contains photographs taken inside the Dead Rabbit pub, allowing readers to get a feel for the iconic atmosphere of the establishment.

Recipe from the Book

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