• Laird's Applejack

    Laird’s Applejack

    Laird’s Applejack is a type of American apple brandy. It is made by Laird & Company, the oldest licensed distillery in the United States. The process involves fermenting and distilling apples, then aging the spirit in oak barrels. The aging…

  • Hennessy Cognac

    Hennessy Cognac

    Hennessy Cognac is a brand of cognac, which is a type of brandy made from distilled white wine that is produced in the Cognac region of France. The brand was founded by Richard Hennessy in 1765 and has since become…

  • Boulard Calvados

    Boulard Calvados

    Boulard Calvados is a brand of Calvados, which is a type of brandy made from apples, produced in the Calvados region of Normandy, France. Boulard Calvados is named after the Boulard family, who have been producing Calvados for more than…