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    Mulled Wine Recipe

    The best Mulled Wine Recipe in a crock pot. This is one of the best-Mulled Wines that I have ever tried. Its earth and citrusy, with a bit of fire. It is perfect fora cold evening with friends or for…

  • Syrups

    Orgeat Syrup

    Orgeat (pronounced “ohr-zhat”) syrup is an almond-flavoured syrup commonly used in classic and tropical cocktails. The milky syrup is made with almonds, sugar, and orange flower water. It is primarily used in drinks with and without alcohol and is prized…

  • Brazilian Sangria Cocktail

    Brazilian Sangria Cocktail

    This Brazilian Sangria Cocktail recipe will surprise you. This version contains the fruit of your liking, a bit of cachaça, brandy, red wine and—here is the kicker—absinthe. Of all the sangria recipes out there, this happens to be one of the most…