Wild Life Distillery Gin

Wild Life Distillery Gin

Wild Life Classic Gin embodies balance. Juniper and citrus notes pop on the nose. Fresh lemon and blood orange lead the way, with classic juniper and coriander close behind. The unmistakable texture of our grain base spirit shines through the middle palate. Finishing spices come through at the end in the back of the mouth completing the trio. Nose, body, finish: Check, check and check.

The overproof of 43.3% alc./vol. allows the flavours of this gin to stand up in a martini or shaken cocktail without getting lost from dilution.

  • Alberta Spring Wheat
  • Alberta Malted Barley
  • Rocky Mountain Water

Nose: Juniper, lemon
Palate: Coriander, grapefruit, round, sweet, angelica
Finish: Cassia, spice, roots

Winner of Double Gold in Consumers Choice Awards 2018.

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