Chambord is a premium raspberry liqueur that originated in France. It is made from a combination of raspberries, blackberries, vanilla, and honey that are steeped in cognac. The resulting liqueur has a rich and complex flavor profile that is both sweet and tart, with notes of berries, vanilla, and spices.

Chambord is often used as an ingredient in cocktails, particularly those with a fruity or sweet flavor profile. It is a popular addition to champagne cocktails, and is also commonly used in drinks such as the French Martini and the Chambord Margarita.

Chambord is often sold in a distinctive round bottle with a gold and purple label, and has become known for its luxurious and sophisticated image.


Chambord liqueur has a history that dates back several centuries. The recipe for the liqueur is said to have been inspired by a raspberry liqueur that was produced in the Loire Valley in France during the late 17th century. This original recipe was reportedly a favorite of King Louis XIV, who was said to have enjoyed the liqueur with his meals.

The modern version of Chambord was developed in the 1980s by a company called Chatel, which was later acquired by the Brown-Forman Corporation. The new recipe was created with the goal of replicating the taste and quality of the original raspberry liqueur from the Loire Valley, while also incorporating a wider range of flavors and ingredients.

Chambord quickly became popular in the United States and other countries, and was often used as a key ingredient in cocktails served in high-end bars and restaurants. The brand’s distinctive bottle and label design also helped to make it a recognizable and iconic symbol of luxury and sophistication.

Today, Chambord is still produced in France using a traditional process that involves steeping a blend of raspberries, blackberries, vanilla, and other ingredients in cognac. The resulting liqueur is bottled and sold in countries around the world, and remains a popular choice for those looking to add a touch of sweetness and flavor to their cocktails.


The ABV (alcohol by volume) of Chambord is 16.5%.

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