• Lost Lake Cocktail

    Lost Lake Cocktail

    The Lost Lake Cocktail was created by Paul McGee at the Lost Lake Bar in Chicago. This cocktail is a rum-forward cocktail that is full of tropical notes. The Maraschino Liqueur and Campari add subtle notes, while the passion fruit…

  • Love & Murder Cocktail

    Love & Murder Cocktail

    The Love & Murder Cocktail was created by Nick Bennet, the Bar director at Porchlight in New York. This is a bitter herbal cocktail that has lots of depth and flavour. Try the Love & Murder Cocktail out, and let…

  • Jungle Cat Cocktail

    Jungle Cat Cocktail

    This Jungle Cat Cocktail is a gin variation of a Jungle Bird Cocktail. The Campari shines through beautifully with its light pineapple and lime taste on top of the gin. It’s also a perfect way to introduce someone to Campari.…

  • Mr. Pink Cocktail

    Mr. Pink Cocktail

    The Mr. Pink Cocktail was created by Kenneth McCoy from the Rum House bar in New York and is based on the hit movie Reservoir Dogs, filmed by Quentin Tarantino.  Its subtle flavours blend Campari, pineapple juice and lime to…

  • Kentucky Jungle Bird Cocktail

    Kentucky Jungle Bird Cocktail

    The Kentucky Jungle Bird Cocktail is a variation of the original Jungle Bird. It has a southern feel with Bourbon and added tropical flavours from the passion fruit liqueur. It is slightly bitter with sweet tropical notes and definitely worth…

  • Cocktails

    Roman Holiday Cocktail

    Nandini Khaund created the Roman Holiday Cocktail, a beautiful Jungle Bird riff at Cindy’s Rooftop Restaurant above the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel in Chicago. It is well balanced with a slight bitterness balanced by the fruit juices and completed with…

  • Killer Cocktail

    Killer Cocktail

    Tess Posthumous of Amsterdam created the Killer Cocktail for the International Disaronno Mixing Stars Finals in 2013. This Amaretto-based cocktail is combined with some gin, Campari, lemon juice, and a little passion fruit syrup to create a well-balanced, sweet and…