• Haitian Punch Cocktail

    Haitian Punch Cocktail

    This  Haitian Punch Cocktail is a simple five-ingredient Tiki cocktail that is fantastic. It is well balanced with the right amount of depth to its flavours, making this a great sipper. Check it out and let me know what you…

  • Spiced Daquiri Cocktail

    Spiced Daiquiri Cocktail

    For this Spiced Daiquiri Cocktail, we used the Plantation Isle of Fiji Rum and our homemade spiced honey syrup. The lemon juice ties together in a fragrant and spiced cocktail that is easy and very tasty. Try it out, and…

  • Parisian Blonde Cocktail

    Parisian Blonde Cocktail

    The Parisian Blonde Cocktail, a modern version, was created by Erik Ellestad. He took his inspiration from Harry Craddock’s Savoy Cocktail Book. This version separates the layers to give you a three-dimensional cocktail focusing on sight, smell, and taste. The…

  • El Presidente Cocktail

    El Presidente Cocktail

    The El Presidente Cocktail is a simple four-ingredient cocktail. Named after Mario García Menocal, the then-serving president of Cuba, and Cuba’s answer to the Manhattan. This cocktail is made of rum, orange Curaçao, vermouth, and grenadine. The original recipe calls for…