• Cocktails

    Tia Mia Cocktail

    The Tia Mia Cocktail is a variation of the Mai Tai that Ivy Mix created at the Lani Kai in New York. This smoky mezcal variation has incredible depth and favour. Try it out and let us know what you…

  • Parisian Blonde Cocktail

    Parisian Blonde Cocktail

    The Parisian Blonde Cocktail, a modern version, was created by Erik Ellestad. He took his inspiration from Harry Craddock’s Savoy Cocktail Book. This version separates the layers to give you a three-dimensional cocktail focusing on sight, smell, and taste. The…

  • Brazilian Sangria Cocktail

    Brazilian Sangria Cocktail

    This Brazilian Sangria Cocktail recipe will surprise you. This version contains the fruit of your liking, a bit of cachaça, brandy, red wine and—here is the kicker—absinthe. Of all the sangria recipes out there, this happens to be one of the most…