• Breakfast Margarita Cocktail

    Breakfast Martini Cocktail

    Salvatore Calabrese created the Breakfast Martini Cocktail in 1996 after his wife forced him to eat Orange Marmalade on toast; the rest was history. This variation of The classic Martini. The Marmalade and Cointreau blend beautifully with the lime and…

  • Gin Sunrise Cocktail

    Gin Sunrise Cocktail

    The Gin Sunrise Cocktail is a variation of the original Tequila Sunrise created by Bobby Lozhoff. Bobby made this for Mick Jagger just before the Rolling Stones went on tour in 1972, after which Keith Richards claimed that specific tour…

  • Killer Cocktail

    Killer Cocktail

    Tess Posthumous of Amsterdam created the Killer Cocktail for the International Disaronno Mixing Stars Finals in 2013. This Amaretto-based cocktail is combined with some gin, Campari, lemon juice, and a little passion fruit syrup to create a well-balanced, sweet and…

  • Satan’s Whiskers Cocktail

    Satan’s Whiskers Cocktail

    How to make Satan’s Whiskers Cocktail, a Harry Craddock Original. This cocktail is usually attributed to Adolph “Eddie” Brandstatter the owners of the Embassy Club, which is a prohibition-era Hollywood speakeasy. The Satan’s Whiskers Cocktail is a variation on the…

  • Raspberry Martini Cocktail

    Raspberry Martini Cocktail

    Dick Bradsell’s Raspberry Martini Cocktail is a smooth, easy-to-drink cocktail. Dick Bradsell is the king of the London craft cocktail resurgence. He was instrumental in bringing fresh fruit into cocktails in the 1980s. His Raspberry Martini Cocktail proves what fresh…

  • Cocktails

    Tom Collins Cocktail

    Today on Booze On The Rocks we are looking at the Tom Collins Cocktail. How to make it and its History. It has an interesting history from the 1800’s. Take look and leave a comment and subscribe. Ingredients Get new…