• Coconut Sunrise Cocktail

    Coconut Sunrise Cocktail

    Coconut Sunrise Cocktail is a very easy-to-make Malibu Rum Cocktail. The cream of coconut gives a great base to the rum and the orange juice. And the grenadine gives you that fire of a beautiful sunrise. Try this out, and…

  • Forbidden Jungle Cocktail

    Forbidden Jungle Cocktail

    The Forbidden Jungle Cocktail is a crushable rum cocktail that is just sweet enough and tart enough to make you want to make them all day long. Try out the Forbidden Jungle Cocktail and let us know what you think.…

  • Bob Marley Layered Cocktail

    Bob Marley Layered Cocktail

    Bob Marley Cocktail was inspired by Bob Marley, who was huge in the Reggae music scene and supported the Rastafarian movement. This layered cocktail has the same colours as the Rastafarian flag. It contains rum infused with pineapple and coconut…

  • Wrecked Ship Cocktail

    Wrecked Ship Cocktail

    This Wrecked Ship Cocktail is an exciting cocktail recipe that is perfect on a hot day. It’s slightly sweet with the take of coconut, spices, and pineapple juice. You can even substitute the lemon-lime soda with straight soda water to…

  • Pineapple Blue Hawaiian Cocktail

    Pineapple Blue Hawaiian Cocktail

    The Pineapple Blue Hawaiian is a  light, easy cocktail and is perfect for relaxation with its tropical flavours and beautiful Blue colour. Try it out, and let us know what you think. Ingredients Get new content delivered directly to your…

  • Cocktails

    Fast & Furious Cocktail

    The Fast & Furious cocktail is based on the popular movie franchise starring Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. This tastes of coconut and sour apple with a hint of orange. Perfect for the back deck. Ingredients Get new content delivered…

  • Bomb Pop Cocktail

    Bomb Pop Cocktail

    The Bomb Pop Cocktail. This Bomb Pop cocktail is a variation of the shooter that is in itself based on the tri-coloured Popsicle. This red, white, and blue cocktail is perfect for celebrating independence day, the 4th of July. It…

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    Spiked Ocean Water Cocktail

    Today on Booze On The Rocks we make blue cocktails. These three easy cocktails are perfect for pairing with #TEAMSEAS. Where we are working to raise 30 million to clean the oceans of garbage. SO head over to teamseas.org and…