• Antidote Cocktail

    Antidote Cocktail

    Pat Ray created the Antidote Cocktail in 2016. Pat came up with this recipe while trying to develop a summer-style old-fashioned. Pat initially used Zucca Barbarbaro in his version of the cocktail. However, I used Cynar, which makes a slightly…

  • Long Island Sunrise Cocktail

    Long Island Sunrise Cocktail

    The Long Island Sunrise Cocktail is a Long Island Iced Tea variation and brings you the beauty and flavour of a tropical cocktail with the punch of its namesake. The pineapple and orange juice blend well with the grenadine, and…

  • Cocktails

    The Witch Doctor Cocktail

    The Witch Doctor Cocktail was created by Patrick Smith created in 2018. This cocktail is heavy on the Angostura Bitters, but it balances out with the honey syrup and lemon juice. The Tequila and Mezcal give it a little punch…

  • Aperol Sunset Cocktail

    Aperol Sunset Cocktail

    The Aperol Sunset Cocktail is a spring/summer cocktail that is great to have with friends on the back deck. Try it out, and let us know what you think. Ingredients Get new content delivered directly to your inbox. Bar Tools…

  • Cocktails

    Tropical Dewrita Cocktail

    The Tropical Dewrita Cocktail, with its unusual ingredients, works surprisingly well together. It is lightly sweet with melon and orange flavours held together by tequila and lime. This margarita is an excellent addition to a summer BBQ. Ingredients Get new…

  • Dead Man’s Handle Cocktail

    Dead Man’s Handle Cocktail

    The Dead Man’s Handle Cocktail is the best name for a cocktail, except for maybe Satan’s Whiskers. The Dead Man’s Handle is an emergency shutoff function invented for trains. When the conductor raised his hand off this switch, it would…