Triple Sec Cocktail's

Triple sec has been famous for more than 150 years. The Dutch East India Company (WIC) invented orange liqueurs by steeping dried orange peels from places such as the island of Curaçao. They named this “Curaçao liquor,” and unlike Triple secs, which include only the flavour of orange peel, the Dutch edition has herbs and spices added. It comes in an assortment of colours, such as clear, orange, or blue.

The Combier distillery alleges that Jean-Baptiste Combier and his wife Josephine invented triple sec in 1834 in their kitchen in Saumur, France. Orange liqueur was regularly rising in popularity after the Dutch introduced Curacao. The Combiers wanted to produce a style that would be true to the orange fruit. They intended it to be crisp and clean, featuring orange essential oils as the main feature. The Combier family used bitter oranges native to Haiti and sweet Valencia oranges to balance the flavour. The liqueur was produced by sun-drying the numerous orange peels. After at least 48 hours, they would start distilling this mixture in copper pots. Lastly, they would put them through a third distillation to purify the flavour.

In 1875 Cointreau created its version of triple sec and called itself one of the most popular brands. Triple sec gained popularity and was widely known by 1878. At the Exposition Universelle of 1878 in Paris, several distillers were offering “Curaço [sic] triple sec,” as well as “Curaço doux.”

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