Licor 43



Licor 43 was invented by Diego Zamora in 1946. He created this with his family. The Licor 43 website states that their recipe on Liqvor Mirabilis (marvellous liquid). A golden aromatic elixir produced and infused from local fruits and herbs in Carthago Nova during the 3rd century. Liqvor Mirabilis was stumbled upon by the Romans when they dominated the region in 209 BC. Despite the Romans banning its production and consumption, the Carthaginians continued producing it in secret. This legend served as the inspiration for Zamora’s invention of Licor 43.

The name of this modern-day liqueur originates from its use of 43 different ingredients; the recipe is a closely protected secret by the Zamora family. It can contain citrus and fruit juices and be flavoured with vanilla, among other aromatic herbs and spices.

Gold Rush Margarita

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