Pivot Spirits Distillery

Pivot Distillery

Their Story

      In your search for a small distillery with a unique taste and a personal touch, add sustainability to your list. For Pivot Spirits at Rolling Hills, Alberta, sustainability is fundamental at all stages of the distilling process. Pivot Spirits Ltd. is a Craft Distillery owned and operated by Rachelle Fiset and Lars (Larry) Hirch. Lars uses his lifetime of experience in farming and roots in distilling to create a brilliant and unique facility and product in this prairie region that has been made bountiful by irrigation.  The distillery operation mirrors the sustainable practices of the farm.

Their Sustainability Statement

 They integrate environmentally conscious methods into our farming and distilling.  And trust us, GREEN spirits taste better! All grains and crops are grown locally using resource-conserving center pivot irrigation systems.  Utilizing electricity, low-pressure pumps, and small evaporation loss droplet size, pivots help conserve energy and water, enabling Lars and Rachelle to maximize the yield potential of their crops.

     Their distillery building is constructed with a Structural Insulated Panels System (SIPS). The building is well insulated and has all its electricity powered by solar panels. All of the lighting is LED. There is even a charger available for your electric car! The heating, cooling, and ventilation in Pivot Spirits uses energy-efficient equipment. Cooling water is recycled. Spent grains are fed to the farm’s livestock. Lars and Rachelle strive to reduce their overall waste and packaging.

Local Product & Service

     Their products use locally sourced grains, botanicals and flavour infusions. It was always a dream to create something brilliant and unique from this bountiful area utilizing a lifetime of experience in farming.  So, they took their grain and made Vodka, and it is incredible!

     The highly productive irrigation area of Southern Alberta they are located in produces a wide array of crops that can be transformed into wonderful spirits. They use Barley, Rye, Wheat, and Triticale to create our Vodka, Gin, and Unaged Whiskies. Sugar Beets, Carrots, Corn, Spelt and local fruits and botanicals will soon lead to Vodka Infusions, Rum-style Spirits, Aged Whiskey, Liqueurs, and More!

     See the stage of crop development in the field.  Witness pivot irrigation systems up close.  Observe the unique Prairie and Badlands geography.  Feed distilling by-products to cows.  Run some grain through your hands at the distillery.  Watch their locally designed copper clad still in action.  Taste their unique Spirits!

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