Park Distillery

Park Banff Canada Distillery distills in the purest place on the planet. Their water originates at six glaciers high in the Rocky Mountains and gains minerality as it travels across rich limestone deposits. Their grain is sourced from high-altitude family farms in the Alberta foothills. They hand-mill, hand-mash and hand-distill to preserve the purity of our ingredients and only produce in a small batch. Their spirits are like no other in the world because there is no other place in the world like Banff.

They have won multiple awards over the years. In 2018 they won Gold, Silver, and Bronze in the “Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition”. In 2017 they won Best in Class and Judges Selection in the “Alberta Beverage Awards”. They also won Platinum best of class and Gold in the “International Sip Awards”.

Park Banff Canada Distillery has also been mentioned in the avenue, Vogue,, OBSERVER, CBC News, Rocky Mountain Outlook, Paste and Vinepair.

Park Distillery
Spirits by Park Distillery

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